Tip #1

We get asked all the time if we teach classes and as much as I would like to, our little glass kitchen is maxed out. But, since it is the baking season and many people would like to make something special for their friends and family for the holidays, I will share some tips!


Tip #1
The tip, it's important! For a very long time when I started making macarons, I was using a tip that was too large and often my macarons were hollow. I started using a #802 tip, which is what we use in the bakery as well, and have had much better results. When piping, be sure to hold your bag at a 90 degree angle and squeeze from the bottom of the bag. Stay tuned for more macaron making tips!

xo, Liz



As JOY Macarons is all about celebrating the great people in our area, we wanted to not only work with someone who was close by but also going to help us create the shirt we wanted for our Greenville location. We wanted to give a special shoutout to Oak Cliff Tees who helped create these comfy shirts that not only fill us JOY to wear but also fills us with happiness getting to spotlight such a wonderful new business in the heart of Dallas. Check out a little more about this great little company below!


Created in the heart of a community that we know so well and love, Oak Cliff Tees is a small business run by founder Stari Ewert. Her Etsy based company features light hearted and fun filled tees with graphics and phrases that can put a smile on your face. 

All Oak Cliff Tees are proudly created on American Apparel cotton woven unisex t-shirts. Check out them out and ask them about custom tees and ideas!

Stari, Owner of Oak Cliff Tees at the JOY Macarons Greenville Location. Photo by Esther Huynh

Stari, Owner of Oak Cliff Tees at the JOY Macarons Greenville Location. Photo by Esther Huynh

Images courtesy of Oak Cliff Tees

Images courtesy of Oak Cliff Tees


Despite having a full time job, Stari Ewert has always wanted to dabble in something creative on the side. As a self taught t-shirt print maker, Ewert runs her business in her home studio in Oak Cliff. Not only does this Dallas local draw inspiration from where she is, but you'll find that she gathers inspiration from popular shows like Game of Thrones, talking to her brothers, and being around her two young sons. Stari is thrilled every time she finds people sporting her tees or showing off photos on Instagram. 

"The inspiration for starting it [Oak Cliff Tees] was just so I could be happy. It was a good outlet for me...because I absolutely enjoyed thinking of an idea, putting it on a shirt, and seeing someone wearing it."

Check out more awesome and custom tees created by Oak Cliff Tees on their Instagram!


If you've ever had the chance to check out the cool items in our stores, you've probably caught eye on the Bag O' Joy Tote Bag. This screen printed fabric bag is such a bright and fun accessory that reminds us of the things that fill us with lots of JOY. What also fills us with JOY is getting to meet and know awesome Dallas locals in our community. The creative brain behind the Bag O' Joy is Lily Smith-Kirkley of Lilco Press.


The Dallas Native spent twelve years working as a graphic designer for big names like Fossil and Neiman Marcus before Lilco Press started. After an advertisement was placed on the DSVC website, Lily somehow found herself owning her first lettterpress machine. Three years later, what started off as a small hobby but avid passion for print making became a full-fledged business that highlights the many talents that Lily possesses. From designing unique and custom logos to cranking out beautifully colorful wedding invitations and cards, it's no wonder we asked her to take on the task of designing the tote bag and enclosure cards that we have at JOY. 

Smith-Kirkley working in her office in Dallas, Texas.

Smith-Kirkley working in her office in Dallas, Texas.


Inside her studio space that she shares with her partner Kim, you'll find not only the original machine she purchased at the start of it all but also two other letterpress machines that vary in purpose for all her business needs. The cool thing about Lily's space is seeing all the elements that it takes to putting even ONE single item perfectly finished. Stacks and stacks of card stock, tools, and hints of Cacti plants everywhere gives us a glimpse of the daily happenings at her studio. 

Lily uses a plastic polymer template to lettepress the enclosure cards.

Lily uses a plastic polymer template to lettepress the enclosure cards.

A small stack of drafted sketches shown of the Bag O' Joy text

A small stack of drafted sketches shown of the Bag O' Joy text

From conception, to hand drawn imagery, and at last the final product. You can see the stages of the Bag O' Joy Tote.

We cannot thank Lily enough for bringing this tote bag to life and for letting us visit her studio! See some of her amazing artwork by clicking the link to the left ------>

Did you know you can see a few designs of wedding invitations she's done? We have a blog post mixing her designs with our macarons - check it out HERE!

Greenville is Full of JOY

We've long awaited the day for our second location to open and we are thrilled that the day is here! Our eyes were set on being among the amazing local restaurants and other businesses on Lower Greenville. The street has such a fun vibe and we think JOY will be a great fit. The area also has a strong neighborhood and community feel – similar to what we are accustomed to in Oak Cliff. The storefront and interior design for the new location were inspired by the surrounding activity on Greenville Avenue. The large yellow glass doors and stairs are meant to feel like an extension of the street and sidewalk. We wanted to create an interesting space for customers to come and munch on Macarons while watching all of the activity on the street. We are so thankful to our architect, Patrick Craine who designed the storefront, interior, signs, and much of our branding material!

We dedicated a special line of shirts for our Lower Greenville location designed by Oak Cliff Tees - the shirt says


and we can't disagree with that. We have met so many great people in the neighborhood - business owners, employees, and local residents – and are excited to be a part of the neighborhood.

We are so proud of this labor of love! We hope our customers are as thrilled about this location as we are. 2x the stores, 2x the macs, 2x the JOY. Come visit us on Lower Greenville!

1927 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75206

M-Th (11am-10pm)  Fri-Sat (11am-11pm) Sun (11-6)

Boxes of JOY

We get asked all the time "What are the most popular flavors?" or "What is your favorite flavor?" Whether you are shopping for a gift (Administrative Professional's Day and Mother's Day are around the corner) or for yourself, we have some advice. 

Everyone has different tastes and we have 13-15 flavors daily, making it difficult sometimes to choose. So we put together a few flavor pairings we thought could help in tough decision making.

 The Assortment:
 Mix it up! Want to try a little of everything? This box includes Rose & Lychee, Raspberry, Honey & Lavender, Pistachio, Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate. A little of everything!

The Nut Lovers:
A more savory box that includes Pistachio, Butter Pecan, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Almond and Italian Cream. Go Nuts!

Florals & Fruit:
At JOY we love florals and we especially love them mixed with fruit. Jam is the perfect compliment to floral flavors. We paired Raspberry, Honey & Lavender, Lemon, Vanilla Bean, Rose & Lychee and Violet & Black Currant. Drool!