We love Kombucha and our favorite is Inspired Brews made right here in Oak Cliff.

So what is Kombucha? 

Kombucha is an age-old elixir with new potential as a handcrafted gourmet beverage. An ancient fermented tea, kombucha has been shared among families, friends, and communities for thousands of years. As a probiotic, high-enzyme beverage, kombucha has been credited with everything from improving liver health and metabolism to preventing hangovers, slowing hair loss, and curing cancer. Whatever the health effects—at the least, kombucha is significantly lower in sugar than the soda alternative and is chock full of probiotics and B vitamins—many devotees find that they enjoy a lift and improved energy from regular consumption.
In addition, use kombucha to make a heathy cocktail!

My favorite recipe is as follows:
juice of one orange
juice of two limes
4 oz tequila (or bourbon)
4-6 oz orange honey hibiscus or rosemary orange dream-sicle
simple syrup, to taste
garnish with rosemary or cilantro

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