JOY + Weddings

One of my favorite things about my business is being a part of a couple’s wedding. There is something about being a witness to two people joining their lives and making a commitment to each other that brings me so much happiness. There is so much love in the air after Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a great time to showcase what we can do to make your wedding special for you and your guests.


Today, weddings are all about personalization and showcasing the couple's unique tastes. Here with the help of Lilco and their beautiful invites, we created custom color macarons to go with the couple's wedding colors. We also love creating custom flavors for couples to add more of a personal touch to their macarons. 

Macaron towers are so fun and can be a great addition to your dessert table, as centerpieces or in place of a wedding cake. We have two different sizes. Our small tower (shown) holds 40-45 macarons and our large tower holds 220. Adding flowers or other embellishments can compliment the style and look of your wedding. Plus, who doesn't love grab and go macarons? 

After a night of dinner, drinks and dancing, there is nothing guests like more than a little something to nibble on. I personally love party favors and macarons make the perfect parting gift. I get so excited to see our little boxes of 2 and 4 all lined up ready to be devoured. 

If you have questions or want to see what JOY can do to make your wedding day special, please call 214-434-1922 or email

Photography: Esther Huynh Photography