Oh yeah, we know how to party!

JOY Macarons are a perfect treat to share with friends, family and coworkers. We create custom flavors, designs and packaging to suit your needs. Email us to begin planning your soiree. 



Got alot of friends? Stack ‘em high and let ‘em fly with a tower!

Macaron Party Towers

10-tier tower           220 macarons             $440
9-tier tower             180 macarons             $385
8-tier tower             150 macarons             $325
7-tier tower             120 macarons             $265
6-tier tower              90 macarons             $215
5-tier tower              65 macarons             $155
4-tier tower              40 macarons             $95


Make sure they leave happy with our Macaron Party Favors!

Kraft box of 4 macarons                               $10
Clear box of 2 macarons                              $5.25
Kraft box of 2 macarons                               $5.25


Custom flavors and designs...oh yeah we got that too. Make your macarons personal and special? JOY can print your logo, wedding date or picture on any macaron. We do custom flavors and colors too!

Custom flavor (minimum 50)                         $25 fee/flavor
Custom color (minimum 50)                          $25 fee/color
Garnish (i.e. Gold leaf, sprinkles, airbrush)   $.50/macaron
Custom printing                                             $25 setup fee + $.50 each